168. Constitution of Legislatures in States.

  • (1) For every State there shall be a Legislature which shall consist of the Governor, and-
    • (a) in the States of Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, 1[Madhya Pradesh], Maharashtra, Karnataka, 2[Tamil Nadu] and Uttar Pradesh, two Houses;
    • (b) in other States, one House.
  • (2) Where there are two Houses of the Legislature of a State, one shall be known as the Legislative Council and the other as the Legislative Assembly, and where there is only one House, it shall be known as the Legislative Assembly.
1No date has been appointed under s. 8(2) of the Constitution (Seventh Amendment) Act, 1956, for the insertion of the words “Madhya Pradesh” in this sub-clause.
2Ins. by Act 16 of 2010, s. 3 (Date yet to be notified).

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